Outdoor Fire Pits in Alpharetta

Who doesn’t love the mesmerizing sight of flickering flames? When night descends over your property, light up your landscape with a sophisticated outdoor fire pit. Home and business owners alike delight in the attractive ambiance they provide.

Adding one of Curvature Landscapes & Design Inc’s custom outdoor fire pits is a safe and reliable way to beautify your property. During our consultation, we’ll discuss your aesthetic preferences to help you craft a unique design that suits your needs and budget. Integrate a fire pit into your existing patio or construct a brand-new focal point in your yard—the choice is yours!

Commercial Outdoor Fire Pits

If you own a business in the restaurant or hospitality industry, your customers will appreciate an outdoor fire pit. They'll delight in the opportunity to gather around a gorgeous flame and listen to it crackle. Not only will the fire pit help them stay warm once the sun sets, it will also keep the bugs away for a more enjoyable outdoor experience. They’ll be sure to stick around for coffee and desert under the stars! Make the most of underused exterior spaces by adding light and warmth.

Curvature Landscapes & Design Inc designs our commercial fire pits with your convenience in mind. This means putting safety first to protect your clients and your investment. Our trained, licensed professionals get the job done right the first time. With innovative engineering and attention to detail, we produce stunning fire pits that add functionality to your property. Customers will enjoy their experience much more—they’ll be sure to return.

Outdoor Fire Pits for Your Property

Choose the right outdoor fire pit system that is right for your property. Choose between natural gas, propane or eco-friendly fuel. Natural gas fire pits are low-cost and offer high heat output. Allow clients and guests to adjust the height of the flame to their desire. Propane fire systems allow for relocation on your property. Looking for an eco-friendly fire option? Ethanol fire pits are self contained and provide the flexibility of relocating your fire as desired.

Add Interest to Your Property with a Professionally Designed Outdoor Fire Pit

If you want to see an exceptional return on investment, introduce a custom fire pit to your Alpharetta property. Curvature Landscapes & Design Inc’s experts can help you design a beautiful fire pit that blends with your existing landscaping. Whether you want a wood, natural gas or propane fire pit, we’re confident we can exceed your goals.

If you really want to set your space apart, consider balancing your outdoor fire pit with a dynamic water feature. Curvature Landscapes & Design Inc’s commercial water features can transform your fire pit into a fascinating attraction. Contact us today to learn more.