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Other Services

Additional Services

Aeration is one of the healthiest things you can do for your lawn. It is the process of making thousands of holes in the turf to open the soil and break up thatch. The cores removed by aeration disappear into the lawn and improve thatch breakdown.

Fall Yard Clean-Up

While changing seasons and fall colors can be very enjoyable, removing fallen leaves and debris from your lawn can be tedious and time-consuming. You may be tempted to forget about raking altogether, but this could put the health and beauty of your property in jeopardy.

Curvature Landscapes & Design Inc wants to help. We offer comprehensive fall clean up services so you can enjoy the perks of the season without the work.

Putting Greens

Can you imagine having a professional green in the comfort of your very own backyard? Picture this: your friends, family, and neighbours are all over for a barbecue, enjoying some cold drinks and each taking a go at your brand new professionally installed putting greens course. You’ll be the talk of the town! You can practice your techniques without having to leave your own property.

Leaf Removal

While it may be easy to overlook, removing leaves from your property is essential to the ongoing health and beauty of your commercial or residential lawn.

With that being said, however, leaf clean up can be tedious and time-consuming, but that’s where we come in. The expert landscapers at Curvature Landscapes & Design Inc are proud to offer comprehensive leaf removal services at affordable rates.

Outdoor Fire Pits

There’s nothing quite like a crackling fire pit. It’s the best place to toast marshmallows, tell scary ghost stories, and sing old familiar songs. An outdoor fire pit will bring family and friends together and keep you warm on those chilly evenings. And the best company to give you that perfect fire pit is Curvature Landscapes & Design Inc.

Water Features

Your backyard is so much more than a few yards of property. It’s a place to relax, recharge, and spend time with loved ones. If you’re the meditative type, it’s a place to clear your head and practice your yoga poses. If you have a green thumb, it’s a place to get in touch with nature and enjoy the clean air and flowers. There’s no better way to add to your outdoor space than with some great backyard water features. Whatever your personal taste might be, the experts at Curvature Landscapes & Design Inc will help you enhance your space with a water fountain, koi pond, or aquatic garden. Read on to find out more about all our great outdoor water features and learn how you, too, can have a little piece of paradise in your own backyard.

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