Commercial Water Features in Alpharetta

Adding outdoor water features to your outdoors is a great way to invigorate the look of your property and enhance its welcoming ambience. Curvature Landscapes & Design Inc’s landscaping professionals can enhance your outdoor space with a wide range of water features. From ornamental ponds to garden water fountains, enjoy the benefits of a custom design.

Your employees, clients as well as the general public will benefit from the aesthetic qualities of your outdoor water features.

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Outdoor Water Features for Health and Happiness

For centuries, water has been a source of healing and stress management. Many cultures recognize the spiritual and mental benefits of the sights, sounds and smells of water. Whether it’s the ocean or a beautiful outdoor water fountain, looking at water relaxes the mind and improves overall mood. That’s because flowing water releases negative ions back into the air. Negative ions boost the immune system and increase serotonin levels. This helps you feel more refreshed and at peace. As well, the soothing sounds of water have been known to lower blood pressure.

Striking Commercial Water Feature Designs

Want to install a small pond, a majestic outdoor water fountain or anything in between? Curvature Landscapes & Design Inc’s landscape designers are here to help. We take your needs, budget, and the size of your property into consideration. By drawing on your existing landscape, we design exceptional water features that fit your property. They’ll look so natural you won’t be able to imagine your outdoor space without them.

Our water feature designs include:

  • Water Walls
  • Reflection Water Pools
  • Rippled Water Features
  • Fountains and Streams
  • Koi Ponds
  • Lakes
  • …and more!

If you’re unsure about the right water feature for your property, contact our experts. You can also browse our portfolio for inspiration. We design custom pieces to compliment any property.

Professional Commercial Water Feature Installation

We have a proven record of successful outdoor water feature installations in Alpharetta. Outdoor fountains and other water feature installations require skill and knowledge. With commercial-grade equipment and trained contractors, we’ve yet to meet a project we can’t handle. Our crews are efficient, so you can enjoy the benefits of your outdoor water feature as soon as possible.

If you run a business in Alpharetta, your customers can also enjoy the same benefits of commercial water features. We’re proud to offer commercial water fountain designs and installations. We have the expertise with using materials such as, stone, steel, glass, plastic and even recycled materials.

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