Commercial Water Features in Jefferson

As a business owner, your property is one of your most valuable investments. So why not make the most of your space? Outdoor water features are a great way to combine art with nature. Beautiful water fountains make fantastic focal points in your outdoor space. And soothing ponds bring harmony to your environment.

Curvature Landscapes & Design Inc’s landscaping specialists can help you achieve a unique, natural look for your commercial property. Our affordable water features will set your property apart and add value to your business. With our experts on the job, making a haven out of your landscape is a simple feat!

The Benefits of Commercial Water Features

Adding a water feature to your business has many functional and aesthetic benefits:

  • Running water is known to soothe nerves, reduce anxiety and lower blood pressure
  • Water features attract wildlife and support a thriving ecosystem in Jefferson
  • Flowing water masks noise pollution from the street
  • Water features add to your property’s value
  • Outdoor fountains and water features boost curb appeal
  • Water features add visual interest without all the maintenance of a pool
  • Our designs impress clients and employees

Eco-Friendly Outdoor Water Features

One of the many reasons you might want a commercial water feature is to be closer to nature. This makes environmentally friendly solutions a priority.

Curvature Landscapes & Design Inc is proud to install sustainable water features. We're committed to preserving the beauty and serenity of nature. Enjoy all the health benefits of outdoor fountains and ponds without worry.

Solar Powered Outdoor Water Fountains

We offer a range of solar powered fountains, pumps and filters. By harnessing the renewable energy of the sun, you can enjoy your water features guilt-free. Pair ponds with harvested rainwater to make the most of Jefferson’s natural resources.

Combining a pond with an outdoor water fountain or waterfall keeps it well oxygenated. Moving water improves the pond water quality and prevents algae growth. This means there’s no need for dangerous cleaning chemicals.

Custom Designed Water Features and Ponds

Our designers aim to make the most of natural water conservation practices. Planting the right shrubs and flowers around ponds helps reduce surface evaporation. We make use of shaded areas on your property to keep your ponds and water features full. A plant barrier also prevents thirsty lawns from tapping the water. And these aquatic plants look great too!

Water Features That Promote a Healthy Ecosystem

Water features are a great way to attract wildlife to your commercial property. Birds, bees and frogs are all drawn to charming fountains and flowing pond water. These helpful creatures keep your lawn free of harmful insects and pests, so you'll need fewer pesticides to keep your lawn healthy. If you’re a nature lover who enjoys giving back to mother earth, water features allow your local ecosystem to thrive.

Water Feature Designs and Installations in Jefferson

We specialize in attractive, functional, sustainable landscaping solutions. Contact us today to book your free design consultation.