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Curvature Landscapes & Design Inc is a premier provider of landscape design-and-build services in Sugar Hill and surrounding regions. We strive to create an outdoor space for you that matches your highest standards and personal style.

When we’re done with your landscape, you’ll be able to look outside your window and enjoy your yard’s union of function and form. Your vision is at the core of our work as we strive to design and implement the perfect greenspace to compliment your home and allow you to enjoy your property even more.

If you need landscape design in Sugar Hill, we invite you to contact us at (404) 633-9777 to book a consultation.

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Consult with Our Landscape Designers

When you first meet one of Curvature Landscapes & Design Inc’s landscape designers during our consultation, we’ll encourage you to let us know what your dream landscape would look like. We’ll ask a series of questions to narrow down your taste and preferences, landing on a plan for a design that perfectly matches your highest expectations.

Your landscape should accurately reflect your taste, incorporating elements that you find beautiful and would be happy to look at every day. We’re eager to learn more about your vision for your property, so we can accordingly reflect it in your finished outdoor space. During our consultation, we’ll also inspect your front and back yard to envision how your finished landscape will be an extension of the home you already love.

We urge you to bring your ideas, clippings, concepts, and images of inspiration to the first sit-down, where you can freely consult with our landscape designers. Once we’ve gone through all your goals and specifications, we’ll add our own creative touch that comes from decades of experience working with different kinds of landscapes.

Custom Landscape Design Based on Your Unique Vision

Once the landscape designers at Curvature Landscapes & Design Inc have gotten an idea of your unique vision, we’ll move on to creating a custom plan. We’ll display several design options to get your input and make sure we’ve captured your ideas on paper. Our designers are excited to partner with our customers to bring about the ideal concept for their outdoor space and enjoy the challenge of creating unique and pleasing greenspaces.

After an approved design, we’ll work with you through the details to determine options for building materials, lighting styles, and other elements, as these small features can have a significant impact on the appearance of your landscape. We’ll also discuss the various costs involved with each item so you can make an informed decision. Our landscape design will be tailored to your needs with a single, unifying vision that brings them all together. Our constant effort is to make your house a home and a haven for you and your family.

Choose Curvature Landscapes & Design Inc for Your Landscape Design in Sugar Hill

Curvature Landscapes & Design Inc is proud to deliver landscape designs that add dimension and green space to homes and provide an oasis from the business of everyday life. We’re committed to creating an inviting extension of your indoor living space and building a connection to the natural world for you.

At Curvature Landscapes & Design Inc, we recognize that each landscape is unique to the family’s needs and lifestyle. That’s why we’re always excited to be your resource for beautiful and customized exterior spaces. Phone (404) 633-9777 to work with our creative design team today!

A Talented Team of Professional Landscapers

If you're looking for a professional landscape designer in Sugar Hill, Curvature Landscapes & Design Inc is the team you need. We are a talented crew of landscape designers, and we can prove it! We invite you to check out some of our work in the gallery before taking advantage of our knack for beautiful landscaping design and our great prices.

You can reach us at (404) 633-9777 to get started.

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The consultation process is essential for you to achieve the results that you want to accomplish with your lawn and garden. When approaching your landscape, we prefer taking a well-rounded approach. There are many considerations to be made when rethinking your landscape, and we'll bring them all to your attention during the meeting.

We will discuss with you all the pertinent elements of your project and come to conclusions regarding your design, budget, timeline, etc.

Please get in touch if you want to book a consultation with the local landscape design experts.

Landscape Design Services and Elements

Every design will differ from the last because every client is different from the last. We love collaborating with clients and ensuring we can provide their desired results.

We will work hard to develop a relationship with you so we can accurately assess your tastes and style and bring your vision to life.

There are many considerations to make when crafting the perfect exterior, including:

  • Light sources
  • Soil analysis
  • Practical turf areas
  • Appropriate plant selection
  • Effective irrigation
  • Mulch
  • And more

If you're curious about our methods, we'd love to answer any questions you have.

The Purpose of Lawn and Garden Design

The purpose of lawn and garden design is to improve your home's curb appeal and enjoyability from the outside. The exterior of any home is the first thing people see, and making a good impression is important, especially if you want to impress homebuyers.

We understand the importance of ensuring your landscape looks great. That's why we'll work tirelessly on your property. Whether we are rethinking your entire yard or just focusing on a few different elements, we are the landscaping company to call for your lawn garden design needs.

Our Expert Landscaping Company

We are experienced as landscape designers and approach every project holistically. Before excavating, we will check for gas lines, water mains, etc., and we'll get any permits required to complete your project.

You don't need to research any more landscaping companies—Curvature Landscapes & Design Inc is the team to call.

Get in Touch with Sugar Hill's Preeminent Landscape Designer

When you call us, one of our helpful representatives will explain how our system works. They will hear your idea and tell you the best way to approach it. If your project is more complicated, we will try to schedule a consultation with you right away. If it's of a more manageable size, we'll provide a quote right on the phone.

You can reach us any time at (404) 633-9777. Let us be the landscaper you call for your landscape design or redesigning project.